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Mar 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
right now anywhere between yontville back into petaluma just scooting on novato and napa. oakland right now couple bucks admission to get in. looks like we do have mostly cloudy skies there. air temperature now stands in oakland at 57 degrees after a high today of 72 that was two degrees shy of the record yesterday of 74. we had five records yesterday including 81 degrees in santa cruz. today ten degrees cooler there at 71. 69 san francisco. it was 74 degrees in napa back in sonoma and glen allen, low 70s in san jose. all these numbers well above normal. tonight relatively mild because of the blanket of cloud cover into the 40s and 50s. now, here we go. here owes your forecast. here are your weather headlines. tonight few rain drops maybe even a shower overnight hours leaving us with some pafrp especially north of the golden gate bridge for sunday morning. wednesday perhaps as early as your tuesday evening commute. plume of moisture right here banks up against the northwest earn section of the state of california, however, we have so much dry air mass in place that the rains evaporate.
Mar 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
of the gym. >> there goes that man! >> lebron and the heat put the 13-game streak on the line. oakland's own, jason kidd, bucket. now, miami said all right, that is enough. lebron steals it. forget about it. 11 rebounds for king james, the heat win it 99-93 to make it 14 straight. >> hello friends. stanford hosting utah, dwight powell, going up to get it. 15 points, stanford up 13 at the half. and in the second half it was more cardinals. randall taking over. chasing him again. one of the blasters today. 84-66. stanford is a game under .500 in pac-12 play. >>> over to golf. final round of the honda classic. not a good final 2 rounds for tiger. mises the short, but, here, finished in time for 37th. shot of the day, though, not tiger, it is jeff. the shot. this is a pretty one. finds the bottom of the cup. finished 2nd in the tournament behind the winner, michael thompson. thom son was second at the -- thompson was second at the u.s. open but tops today. >>> auto racing, here we go. danica patrick, smiling there. not at this one, lap 185, kisses
Mar 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
morning at 7:29. right there, you're taking a look at oakland towards the mount diablo area in the easterly direction. temperatures currently into the 50s and 60s. the winds are out of the west at 12 miles per hour. pretty sustained winds at this hour but not as relentless as yesterday at this time. today, with the lack of a wind, temperatures were warmer than yesterday, upper 50s pacifica, moss and montera beaches, in fact all the way into the avenues, 68 degrees in san rafael through terra linda. it was also in the mid- and high 60s east of the bay and inland. 64 in san jose averaging a couple of degrees below normal for this time of the year. bottoming out at 41 degrees in almaden valley, otherwise mid- 50s common across the central bay. cooler north of the golden gate bridge. 30s and 40s. 30s toward the delta. this is the scene at the coast now, sunset, with starry skies tonight. bright sunshine for your sunday so plan outdoor activities and mild temperatures, certainly some beach weather. pick city tomorrow santa cruz 70 degrees.
Mar 10, 2013 6:30pm PDT
.15 a gallon. in oakland, $4.11. the lowest average gas price in california is at sacramento at $4.02 a gallon. >>> an animal sanctuary reopened after killing a 24- year-old intern. the privately run cat haven observed a moment of silence at noon for diana hansen. she was attacked by a male lion last wednesday. the animal was shot to death by the sheriff deputy. the founder says the park is opening to visitors with a consent on hansen's parents. the staff could care for the other 29 wildcats. >> it is important for us to return back to normal operations here at the cat haven. diana would really want us to do that. >> hab 7 was cleaning the lion enclosure at the time of the attack. they believed they pushed open the cage and snuck up behind hansen and broke her neck by one swipe of her paw. she died instantly. more than a month away. lucky fans will not have to wait that long to enjoy the exhibit. patrick shows us several of the most popular attractions visited 3 san francisco neighborhoods. >> if you never have been to san francisco's exporitor
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4